Salami factory of excellence since 1987

Discover the craftsmanship care that characterizes Salumificio Bovo’s team in each of its products.

Salumificio Bovo

Salumificio Bovo started its activity in 1987 in Buttapietra, in the province of Verona: since then we have been producing fresh and aged salami derived from pork meat, as well as fresh meat cuts, according to traditional recipes thanks to our craftsmanship experience.

Our experience goes well beyond our 30 years of actual activity, being based on the expertise of our founder, Vittorio Bortolazzi, who already had 27 years of experience in pork meat processing upon the beginning of our company. Read on to discover the detailed history of our company where the excellences of our territory have a leading role.

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Our products

Our success is based on the assurance given by meats of animals raised and butchered in Italy, which is an essential factor in order to provide you top quality products.

Every day, our expert personnel offer pork meat cuts and cold cuts of the best quality, such as salami, rolled-on bacon and coppate, “salamella” sausages, luganega and cotechino.

We also produce local specialties such as the venetian soppressa and the tastasal of Verona. You are about to venture into a world of authentic tastes and traditional recipes: enjoy the reading!

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Our outlet

At our headquarters, based in Buttapietra (VR), we have an outlet dedicated to the wholesale of our meats and salami aimed to wholesalers, retailers and restaurant owners.

Also private customers will be able to buy our convenient products, in addition to our tips regarding the preparation of great dishes, thanks to our retail service. Keep on browsing our website to learn more about our outlet: a journey in the world of quality and traditional tastes of our artisanal salami factory awaits you.

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Quality and tradition

We select only the best made in italy raw material for our products.
Bring to your table all of our territories’ flavors and rediscover traditional dishes.

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